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LAEP Speaker Series: Michael Boucher


Enduring Landscapes

Michael will present a broad range of the firm’s work, emphasizing how successful projects result from understanding a site’s intrinsic qualities, and through true collaborations among multi-disciplinary teams, including clients and others outside the design professions.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Fine Arts Visual |

LAEP Speaker Series: Dan Jost


The Tenuous Renaissance?in Playscape Design

In recent?years, the U.S. has undergone a renaissance in playscape design. Those designing and commissioning playgrounds are increasingly moving away from static pole and platform structures that provide?little play value and even less challenge. While safety is still one of the major drivers of playground?design, there?is an increasing understanding that not all risks can or should be limited--and some are beneficial. The adventure playground--where children build their own environments with hammers and saws--has made a bit of a comeback, and loose parts are being embraced on a wider scale. Innovative climbing features let children climb higher, farther, and in more social?ways--while limiting falls from high places. And designers are increasingly bringing nature into playscapes--which has positive?impacts on children's?health and well-being.?

In this presentation, Daniel Jost will discuss the playscape renaissance taking place, some of the playscapes he documented as a writer at Landscape Architecture Magazine, and his own efforts to support thoughtful playscapes and outdoor learning environments.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Fine Arts Visual |

LAEP Speaker Series: Sarah Creachbaum


Welcome to Scenario B: Lessons in survival from our national parks. My presentation will highlight three projects spanning my 30-year career in the National Park Service. Each project involves aspects of indigenous knowledge, science, and rational planning (endangered species management in Hawaii, river restoration at Olympic National Park, and subsistence management national parks in the Arctic region. I'll highlight the resulting exigent questions of policy and federal land management that are driven by our rapidly changing climate. I'll close with personal observations and lessons learned.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm |

LAEP Speaker Series: Sean Burkholder


Managing Muddy Methods As climate-induced shifts make our coastal environments increasingly volatile and unpredictable, establishing new ways of working that move beyond the tried-and-true assumptions that past observations provide accurate examples for future conditions has become necessary. This becomes even more prescient when considering the objectives of designing or engineering with nature as opposed to simply protecting ourselves against it. Experimentation and contextual knowledge are finding new applications where once we relied on established and universal standards of best practice. With a focus on liminal coastal environments of both fresh and salt water, this talk will span a range of recent design work, organized around the subject of landscape research methods and this role of experimentation.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Fine Arts Visual |

LAEP Speaker Series: Anna Cawrse and Joshua Brooks


Leading with Landscape Anna Cawrse and Josh Brooks will explore how leading with landscape lets Sasaki tackle some of the most complex and challenging urban design and landscape architecture projects across the world. By starting with environmental systems as the driving framework, they will explore the urban constraints at Denargo Market in Denver, CO; how to create a more ecologically resilient future for University Lakes in Baton Rouge, LA; how to transform abandoned infrastructure in Athens, Greece into Europe's largest urban waterfront park; and how research can help cities and parks tackle climate change.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Fine Arts Visual |




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