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USU Expands Online, Self-Guided Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Tools

By Taylor Emerson |

Video by Taylor Emerson, Digital Journalist, University Marketing & Communications

Utah State University's ACT Guide is an online self-help program aimed at improving mental health and quality of life for people struggling with a variety of psychological challenges.

The program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based approach to a wide range of mental health concerns that has been shown to be effective in both professional therapy and self-help formats. USU's ACT Guide program helps to promote a “healthier relationship with negative feelings, practice mindfulness, clarify what matters most to you, and set personal goals to keep yourself on the right track,” according to its website.

New this semester, the team behind ACT Guide has introduced two new options to their suite of services: ACT Guide Lite and peer coaching. ACT Guide Lite is a single-session version of the full 12-session ACT Guide program, but it is designed to be completed in one 45-minute sitting. Peer coaching is another option students can opt-in for where they will be matched with a student coach who will help keep them on track and make the most of the program.

The ACT Guide team is also working on a number of other new upcoming additions, including an ACT Guide for Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), another for hoarding disorder, a version of ACT Guide in Spanish, and an option for undocumented individuals.

ACT Guide is available to USU students at no additional cost. Access to the program for six months is available to the general public for $10, which goes toward continuation and future development of the program.


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