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Soda Swap: Utah State's Logan Campus Switching From Pepsi to Coke

By Steve Kent |

Aggies pose with bottles of Coca-Cola in the Taggart Student Center on June 14, 2024. At the completion of a 10-year contract with Pepsi, the process of swapping out more than 20 fountains and 80 vending machines across Utah State University's Logan campus is underway in anticipation of a new contract with Coca-Cola. (Photo Credit: USU/Levi Sim)

LOGAN — A contract to offer Coca-Cola products at Utah State University's Logan campus is expected to take effect July 1, following the completion of a 10-year contract with Pepsi.

Contracts like this are a common way for universities to support their missions, according to USU Associate Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services Dwight Davis.

“Partnerships with companies such as Coca-Cola allow USU to increase support for institutional programs which form the basis for providing an exceptional university experience,” Davis said.

USU's new contract with Coke will include carve-outs that allow the university to enter a contract with Red Bull as well as preserve the ability to sell both Coke and Pepsi products at the QuickStop convenience store in the Taggart Student Center.

The Red Bull contract will include advertising at athletic events as well as retail space on campus.

Revenue from both the Coke and Red Bull contracts will support Utah State Athletics.

"Utah State University and the Department of Athletics worked tirelessly to establish a new partner within our pouring right category," said Vice President and Director of Athletics Diana Sabau. "Our new 10-year collaboration with Coca-Cola is exciting, innovative and groundbreaking for our institution, students, fans and of course our student-athletes. We are truly thankful to all involved."

A number of factors have made this changing of the guard a once-in-a-decade occurrence at USU. Decade-long contracts with exclusivity provisions between beverage companies and college campuses are common. Prior to the soon-ending 10-year contract with Pepsi, USU served Coke, but when the university was required to request bids when it approached the end of that agreement's life, Pepsi submitted the winning proposal.

“Requesting bids when contracts come to an end helps ensure that we are consistently evaluating the needs of our ever-evolving campus community,” Davis said. “It also helps to ensure that USU provides businesses fair and open opportunities to provide services on campus.”

The process of swapping out the more than 20 fountains and 80 vending machines across the Logan campus is already underway in anticipation of the new contract.

The Coke contract only covers USU's Logan campus; the university’s other campuses, centers and facilities around the state make independent arrangements for beverage service.


Steve Kent
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